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Naturally Raised Ontario Lamb 

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Delivered to your door by the farmer


About the FarmHER


My name is Katherine Bird and I am the farmer behind KB Lamb. I am a recent graduate of the University of Guelph in the Agriculture Science Degree Program and I currently work full time within the agriculture industry. I work after-hours on my family's beef and cash crop farm located in Bright, Ontario and I have found a passion growing lambs. 

Agriculture has always had a place in my heart from a young age. I have been taught by many generations of my family about respecting the land and livestock, for which this is how we put food on our own table. Our livestock is an extension of our family and we thank them everyday for what they do for us. Whenever there is new life being born on the farm, I will be the first one there to welcome the new little one to the world. 


As a young farmer, I believe it is my duty to help connect the consumer to the producer. Everyday I get to experience a beautiful circle of life on the farm that I would love to share with YOU! I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the journey of a lamb, from the farm to the table. 

Strong work ethic, determination, (some stubbornness) and lots of help from loved ones has helped me reach this entrepreneurial goal. I have also been inspired by the army of courageous women in agriculture that continue to pave the way for new comers like me.


I am eager to help serve the local community by providing a healthy protein option for everyone to enjoy. 


Thank you for trusting KB Lamb! 

KB Lamb Products and Pricing

All orders will come to the customer FROZEN and in labelled brown paper packaging.

KB Variety Box


A great way to experience the versatility of lamb while sampling portions of popular cuts. If you happen to be new to the taste of lamb, this option is tailored to you! 

This 10 lbs. box of lamb includes:

- 1 Package Ground Lamb (1.5 lbs)

- 1 Shoulder or Leg Roast (Bone in) ( 3 lbs)

- 2 Packages of Chops (4 chops/package) 

- 1 Rack of Lamb (2 lbs)

-Recipe cards and cooking instructions


February Variety Pack.jpeg

Whole Lamb Box Includes:

- 5 packages ground lamb (6 lbs)

- 2 rack of lamb ( 6 lbs)

- 4 roasts, 2 shoulder + 2 leg (12 lbs)

- 2 packages of shanks (3 lbs)

- 10 packages of lamb chops (7 lbs)

              Totals 40 lbs of lamb!


1/2 Lamb Box Includes:

- 2 packages ground lamb (lbs)

- 1 rack of lamb (3 lbs)

- 2 roasts, 1 shoulder + 1 leg (6 lbs)

- 1 package of shanks (1.5 lbs)

- 6 packages of lamb chops (4 lbs)

              Totals 23.5 lbs of lamb!



Other Cuts Sold Separately

Click on the items below to learn more!





  • Organ packages are also available upon request



*KB Lamb does not sell live lambs to customers*

Place Your Order Now!

Door Step Delivery

All packages of lamb will be hand delivered to your door at a time that is convenient for you. 

Home of KB LAMB


Southwestern Ontario Delivery

Free delivery will be offered to customers living within Oxford County. KB Lamb will deliver to any other location, but there may be a delivery fee added to the final bill to cover mileage costs. 


Weeknight and Weekend Delivery

Delivery times will compliment the hours of a busy work week, by offering weeknight and weekend delivery only

KB Lamb currently DOES NOT have an On-Farm store for customers to visit.


1. Contact Katherine anytime with your order via:
       -website form above           
 -call/text (519)-533-3458

2. Katherine will organize a time with you to delivery your order as soon as possible. 

Cash, e-transfer or cheque are excepted payment methods.  

Farm Values


All lambs that are raised on our farm are treated with the utmost respect each and every day. KB Lamb is currently composed of a small flock of Dorset, Rideau Arcott and Suffolk ewes that give birth to lambs at designated intervals throughout the years. Since the demand for lamb is year around, KB Lamb ensures there is fresh lamb for customers throughout the year. All lamb is processed at a local, provincially licensed abattoir.  

KB Lambs are raised naturally. This means that the lambs grow at their own pace, without the use of artificial hormones. All animals within the flock are kept healthy with routine vaccinations, and are housed in clean, well ventilated barns. We work routinely with a veterinarian and feed nutritionist to ensure the flock is receiving everything they need to perform properly. The sheep flock is fed a well rounded diet of hay, grain (barley and corn), mineral and water that compliments their intricate, ruminant digestive system. The best thing is that all the feed is made right here on the farm! This creates a regenerative nutrient cycle for the farm ecosystem when the sheep manure is placed back on the land. 

Follow along with KB Lamb on Facebook and Instagram to find repices and learn more about sheep farming!

Farm Location:

Call Katherine at:



Work Hours

Place orders 24/7

Delivery will usually be scheduled for weeknights, Saturday or Sunday

Bright, Ontario
Oxford County

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